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Frequently Asked Questions



Preinstalation guide :

1.Check the headlight housings to ensure they are not damaged.
2.Make sure the vehicle does not have any pre-existing electrical problems.
3.The vehicle must have a pre-existing 12V NEGATIVE ground system.
4.Vehicles with a single fuse for both lights must have a fuse at least 30 A.
5.If there is one fuse per headlight, each fuse must be at least 20 A.
6.Before attaching the power adapter, identify the ballast's positive and negative wires. The positive wires are white. Negative wires are black.
7.Never touch any bulb with your bare hands. If touched accidentally, use alcohol to clean the surface.
8.Before connecting the wires and harness, you must clean all connectors, especially the AMP connector. Make sure the installation is in A DUST FREE condition. If the installation is not completely DUST FREE, and bulbs or ballast are defective after the attempted installation, they are not covered by the warranty due to installation error.
9.Once the headlights are installed, start the engine and turn on the lights. You should leave the lights on for at least five (15) minutes to ensure that the burn-in process is complete.