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Frequently Asked Questions



Step by Step Installation

1. Please see back of the box for diagram schematic reference for proper installation.
2. Turn off the power of your vehicle and remove the original light bulb. Replace the fuse with the 20A fuse that comes with the package.
3. Turn on the power and confirm the position and the functionality of both polarities (positive and negative) of the power connector with a voltmeter. If the power connector of your vehicle has been oxidized or corroded due to a long-term usage, please clean or do any necessary replacement to ensure good contact.
4. Disconnect the battery. Assemble the connection wire, the ballast (stabilizer), the igniter, and the light bulb according to the installation schematics provided. Avoid contacting the light bulb with bare hand, place the light bulb horizontally and safely, and keep the wire of the light bulb well separate from the metallic vehicle body to avoid leakage of voltage.
5. Confirm proper connections and assembly. Turn on the power to start the light bulb with a cold ignition. Leave it lit to 10 minutes for the metal halide compound to stabilize, and then start the light bulb with hot ignition once every second to check for the lighting up procedure and for any leakage. If functioning properly, the light should be constant.
6. Turn off the power. Insert the light bulb into the headlamp housing firmly and cautiously. Avoid collisions of the bulb and the housing and insert gently. Place the sealing pad back to the original position. Make sure that the metallic piece of the light bulb does not touch the light shield. Leaving the light bulb in contact or too close to the shield will cause severe voltage leakage and the light bulb will fail to be ignited. You may adjust the light shield forward as needed.
7.Please install the ballast in places with good heat dissipation, away from the engine and other heat sources. Fix it into place with fixture provided. The high voltage silicon wires leading from the igniter to the light bulb need to be insulated with the protective silicon host provided. The igniter should be fixed firmly in place. Make a final - round check of the connections and notes of caution.
8. Turn on the power. The lamp should light up steadily if installation is completed properly.