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Color temperature of Xenon light

  • The color of the light source is expressed as its color temperature.
    As the color temperature increases,the color of the light moves from yellow to white to blue-white.
    HID headlights provide light at a higher color temperature than standard halogen headlights, which gives them a crisp white appearance. Good visibility contributes to the driver confidence which promotes relaxed, safer driving. Drivers can benefit from fitting Xenon Conversion Kits in their vehicles, since the white light stimulates driver concentration and makes night time driving less tiring. In addition, the HID system also delivers a marked contribution to road safety in the event of limited visibility due to weather (rain, snowfall) conditions. This is a big must for your safer driving.
  • All kits are avaiable in 4 different colors:
  • 5000K - Crystal White
    5000k xenon

    6000K - Iceberg Blue
    6000K xenon
    8000K - Extreme Blue
    8000K xenon
    10000K - Ultraviolet
    10000k xenon